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We all know the stereotype: women hit the shops, and a bad husband, is pulled along for the ride. If their male counterparts across the pond in Great Britain is to be believed, the American men will spend even more impulse purchases than women.

So if men can also blow into cash, which is what you need? Let’s look at five of the main ways people like their hard earned money.


Many men love gadgets and are fascinated by new technologies. A recent study has proven what we suspected all along – men spend more in this area than women. Men spend an average $ 701 a year on the audio and visual, while women look for much lower $ 536. This is not surprising when you consider the price of a flat-screen TV.

Why do men use more in this area than women? Well, we can speculate that perhaps men are very competitive and want to be the latest gadgets before anyone else. When new gadgets are the best, they are expensive. Maybe women are, in fact they are financially experts, who understand that the price will soon fall after a few months.

For those looking to kick their habit expensive electronics, why not just wait a few months and buy the product at a reduced price? You might also consider looking on Ebay or Craigslist for good deals those who bought items at full price, and really had no use for them.


Men are actually using twice as many dollars on alcohol than women – $ 552 versus $ 233rd It looks like guys really love to break a beer. Whether you’re watching sports or just go to the bar, it’s a hobby more expensive. It does not help matters any that prices are up alcohol too.

For guys trying to save money in this area, it is a proven formula to get your friends to your place before heading to the bars. Of course, you can also try to drink less alcohol completely.


Although high prices, it seems that men are still buying fast cars and expensive. The men also buy less efficient models. LA Times recently reported that women car buyers are price conscious and buy fuel-efficient vehicles. Male buyers were completely opposite, and that the vehicles were purchased or big and muscular, like a large truck, or chose the expensive, high-performance vehicles.


What about putting a bet on your favorite sports team or a horse? The gaming industry gives men the risk, adrenaline, competition and the promise of big money.

The game has undergone a resurgence in popularity since the advent of online poker. New Laws of the Game that people can play for huge amounts of money or squander vast amounts of money from the comfort of their own home. They do not even have to head over to the casino.


Men who love this sport. There are many ways to spend your money on sports, including watching the matches live, buy tickets to sporting events and the purchase of goods and sports memorabilia.

Many men can get pretty fanatical when it comes to sports, so they lash out immediately passes and make sure you take all the playoff tickets. Fun of being in the field or stadium where the home team wins is so refreshing that it’s easy to forget just how expensive it is.

Men who feel the effects due to the expensive fertilizers could argue that being a big fan can not attend every game. Hang out at the local bar and root his team to the fans it should. Not only do you save the ticket, the beer is much cheaper.

The Bottom Line

The next time you hear people complain about their wives or partners spend all that money, we will remind them that they have their vices as well.


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