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If you’re like me and promote affiliate products on your blog, you always try to find ways to get control of the Commission. Most people think the fastest way to increase revenue is to get more visitors and increase your visitor conversion rate. But while those two things are very important to your bottom line, they take time. There is a much easier way to increase your profits by almost 50% or more. And it depends on your relationship with your affiliate manager.

Let’s see how to join the affiliate program and set the stage for a higher income from your blog.

Handling rejection

To join the affiliate program, you must apply the advertiser’s website or affiliate market, such as Commission Junction. When you apply, you’ll quickly learn that most of the applications will be rejected immediately. Personally, I found a good 75% of my requests are rejected right off the bat. September advertising companies are doing this is to filter spam.

But there is no need to be discouraged by rejection. It ‘easy to get approved, simply send a short message to the manager of membership, and because you are a good fit. I would say that a follow-up e-mail has allowed me to be adopted in an affiliate program 9 times out of 10.

Follow-up e-mail is also a good opportunity to build relationships with the affiliate manager.

Building a relationship as soon as possible

Want to start correspondence with your affiliate manager as soon as possible. They are the key to financial success. So treat them with respect and consideration as a business partner. To find the coordinates of an affiliate manager simply look through the details of the program and you will usually find a contact in the list. When I enroll in a program to send e-mail a presentation explaining the plans of my site and ask if there are any marketing material that I could help promote their products. If a telephone number even go further and call to introduce myself.

Why is this relationship important? Because an affiliate manager can help by:

* Give content to help sell their products

* Promote your site on social media

* Provide expert feedback on the site allows you to increase your conversion rate.

* Increase your commission structure. Which brings me to …

Negotiate your commission

The fastest way to increase your income is not more blog readers and increase your conversion rate. It is to raise your commission rate!

And the easiest way to increase the commission is to ask! Politely and discreetly, of course. In fact, if you start on the right foot with your affiliate manager and you may not even ask. During the phone call from my introduction to the first branch manager, I immediately raised the payout to 20% and told me to check with him every few months. And believe me, I did. I waited until I showed modest growth in the number (not much mind you) and called back and asked for a bump yet. Lifted as soon as I get back, and another 30%, even without flash.

Most affiliate managers are paid based on the results, what your goals are very similar to yours. Usually have a wide range of payments that can offer publishers (eg 4-12/lead $). Reserve the highest payouts in this range for publishers who generate the most transactions. However, if you make a call and negotiate a bump of just $ 4 to $ 5 per head, which is an increase of 25% of the profits …. in a single phone call. How long it takes to drive traffic to 25% on your website or increase your conversion rate of 25%? It takes hard work believe me. If you normally $ 2000/month benefits, you are making $ 2500.

Limit the number of programs

Once you have a relationship with your affiliate manager you want to show some results. When you begin to increase in size, have more flexibility for you to pay higher commission rates. However, if you participate in several affiliate programs in place, the volume of each program will be less.

For example, say that promotes car and sent 50 to 50 operations operations Geico and Allstate in a given month. If you have promoted only Geico, may be able to send all 100 transactions. For approval of a higher commission rate is better with all their transactions in a single program. A larger volume can also help you get bonuses. And some affiliate programs offer bonus payments at least 10 transactions per month.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to be approved for several affiliate programs associates. You just do not promote them together. Companies often discontinue programs or change their terms, so it’s good to have a fallback in case the advertiser.

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