Prepare to pick your jaws up on the floor after watching this one, the guys from Ubisoft presented this at E3. The game demo we see is is from the game Watch Dogs, though its still not clear whether it will be for the PS3 or Xbox or PC but sources say it will be for PC only at the meantime. I hope the rumors are false as I would like this to be available on the PS3 too. This game looks really amazing, it’s like GTA + MAFIA + Assassins Creed + LA Noir combined and looks very, very promising. I sure hope GTA V will at least look something close to this beauty.

poptropica cheats

If you have a WordPress blog itself is very popular, the most annoying is the fight against comment spam in WordPress on a regular basis. Every time you connect to the WordPress dashboard, you see a lot of spam comments waiting to be eliminated. Whether you must manually delete them or let them die in the queue of emails.

The latter option is not recommended because it will increase the size of the database and load time of resources. Therefore, you must find and fight their way to prevent comment spam in WordPress. This article describes some proven techniques that can be used to reduce comment spam in WordPress.

The comment spam is a comment that is automatically displayed in blogs, websites, forums, etc. by automated robots, scripts or programs. Some people use automated scripts or robots to target high traffic sites to post a comment. Typically, a review of electronic mail is full of irrelevant words and links and do not care about discussion or article that the comment is published.

In short, the comment spam is a bad form of shameless self-promotion, and try to get fast traffic, or SEO.

1. Install WordPress Plugin Akismet

Akismet is considered the best WordPress plugin to reduce comment spam. This plugin checks each comment, Pingbacks and trackbacks submitted to your blog and drive control most of the Akismet web service to determine if the comment is spam or not.

In addition, to prevent spam comments, and bad connections, Akismet seems to statistics page, where you can see more information on the number of comments blocked, accuracy, dates, etc.

2. Close comments on old posts

Using Akismet is good, but overtime you will notice that the Akismet to avoid hundreds of spam comments every week. You must delete these spam comments by hand, which is a really boring job. If you want more control over spam comments, because blocking Older Post commented.

Pali the door spammers, who receive good traffic, and you can automatically close comments on posts on certain days of old. Log on to your blog space management, select Settings and Discussion>. Then, select the check box “automatically closes comments on Article older than” and enter the dates in the text box (eg, 90).

This ensures that the comments are closed on any item that is greater than the number of days you specify.

3. Ban IP Addresses Spam

Wp-Ban is a useful WordPress plugin that can be used to blacklist IP addresses that try to post comments on your blog spam. This plugin checks the IP address of the commentator, and if you have already specified the same IP address in the settings of the plug-in, how to display a custom message prohibited.

When you activate the plugin, keep an eye on the IP addresses of spam comments. Then add the IP addresses of the plug-in blacklist and bingo! You will find that the amount of spam comments are in decline, a blacklist IP more.

This plugin should be used with caution. If a blacklisted IP address, any visitor to the same host name would not be able to see your blog. Use this plugin to blacklist specific IP if they seem too often vulgar comments and post to your blog.

4. Use the Custom WordPress Referrers Ban Blank Function

In most cases, commentators mails never visit your blog and you can use this principle to dramatically reduce spam in the comments.

Log in WordPress administration area of ​​your blog and go to “Theme Editor”. Select the topic of your blog and open the functions.php file for editing. Paste the following code:


verify_comment_referer function () {

if (! wp_get_referer ()) {

wp_die (__ (‘You can not leave comments at this time, maybe you need to enable your browser regarding .’));


add_action (‘check_comment_flood’, ‘verify_comment_referer “);


The above function checks the “source of reference” to the page where the comment in the post. In the case of spam in the comments, if the reference source found empty comments are not allowed to be published so as not to receive spam.

5. Recognize the use of WordPress Plugin

As stated by Google in their Webmaster Central blog, WordPress reCAPTCHA plugin is one of the best ways to prevent spam comments on WordPress blog. The concept is really simple – anyone who tries to write a comment need to see a graphic and type the words match the graphics. The spam bots have no eyes and minds and can not see and read these charts. Therefore, they can not publish these comments urgent.

The plugin is recatcha well, but it has one major drawback. Commentators on your regular blog to fill Catcha trying to write a review. This may seem depressing or confusing to the visitor, and he can not refrain from comment altogether. Many popular blogs are using reCAPTCHA, but I’m not a fan of this plugin, because it might offend the regular commentators.

Changing your observation system or IntenseDebate Disqus (user)

Disqus is a comment from third parties and moderation tools to your website. There are several advantages to using Disqus. First, are closely integrated with Askimet to reduce spam. Secondly, help to reduce the size of your database that all comments are stored on the server. Third, it integrates with Facebook, Twitter and OpenID so that readers can easily connect with the minimum of problems. Last but not least, is free.

When you have a website with high traffic count and number of spam, you will appreciate the ease with Disqus makes your life.

He was a (if not all) of techniques you can use to prevent spam comments on your WordPress blog. What techniques do you prefer? Do you use a WordPress plugin that I have missed? Can you share your thoughts in the comments.

I’ve been using WordPress for the last 2 years, and have tried many WordPress plugins – for my blogs or sites of my clients. Therefore, the choice of the best WordPress plugins that was not so difficult for me. However, nearly thousands of plugins in the plugins directory of an official, the choice of the top 5 plugins was very difficult.

Selection of the top 5 WordPress plugins

I recently worked with a company that was launching a new WordPress plugin. I was assigned to do SEO. They did a study and asked their followers what they thought was the best plugin for WordPress. And they come up with some amazing WordPress plugins that I had while choosing my Top 5 list.

However, almost million people use WordPress for their websites or blogs. And every day, trying different plugins to improve their websites. And, as different people have different preferences, I can not say that my list is the set of websites or blogs using WordPress.

Yes, my list includes the 5 most popular WordPress plugins, among users. These plugins will not only improve the effectiveness of your website or blog, but also provide it free mass transit.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins top blogs

The following is a list of “Top 5 WordPress Plugins”, where all users must have an incredible experience of blogging:

1. Google XML Sitemaps:

Map of the site is the best way to ensure that Google and other search engines to find web pages. And this is a plugin for WordPress improve the performance of indexing of your site – give the best chance to rank high in search engines.

In addition, it automatically sets the priority of messages based on the number of comments received. It is not efficient, but saves a lot of time too. Therefore, you should use this plugin for blogs effectively.

Second All-in-One SEO Pack:

This is one of the best plugins, you need to automatically optimize your WordPress blog for search engines. It’s easy for beginners because it works right out-of-the-box. In addition, advanced users can do it manually SEO for their blogs using this plugin.

It offers features like optimizing your titles, meta tags automatically generated, etc. So you should go for this plugin to provide massive “free flow” of your website, the search engines.

3. WordPress Theme Test drive:

Choosing the right theme for your website can escalate its efficiency to a considerable degree. But better to choose a specific topic, you need to test all your themes – trying all.

And that’s where this plugin is so effective. It allows you to apply your new theme – the use and try to – not even turn it on for regular users. Therefore, they will continue to see the previous topic until you make your decision.

I highly recommend this plugin, to ensure an efficient design of your blog or website, regardless of user experience.

4. Misdirection:

Probably the user tries to view a page on your site, which is no longer, he would see the error 404 (which does not look too good). And here, this plugin comes to the rescue.

This plugin allows you to manage the redirection page of your site. Ensures that the link juice, broken sites, is controlled by a better place in the Indian site. As a result, users are satisfied, you will be happy, and even search engines are happy.

So, its the perfect tool for not only brings a massive free traffic for your site, but to maintain existing services to ensure its overall success.

5. Yet Another Related Post Plugin:

When reading a message in some places, it shows a list of some related posts (which you would like to read). Provides a better conversion rate of your website – that users are still for a long time on it.

In addition, this plugin creates a list of related posts today, introducing readers to relevant content in your blog or website.

This plugin is better than all other related plugins on the market because it can easily be adapted. In addition, it is very easy to install and use.

I blog about 5 years ago and at that time, I researched blogs, probably more than necessary. Today I will share my five favorite blogs tips and things I should keep in mind when starting a blog. I posted the top 3 in Blogging Tips & Tricks Forum where you can add more of your blogs very clean advice.

Tip # 1 – Choose a reading theme

This is extremely important. To ensure that people can read your blog, and preferably to do with it for more than 1 or 2 seats. My proposal for a top when it comes to readability of the text is to put a lighter background.

My biggest pet peeve is on a black background. It’s too much of a strain to read and often migrate from a second blog, I see a black background, because I know it’s not easy to read.

Tip # 2 – Blue links are the best

I once read that people are 56% more likely to click on a link that is blue. Probably because that was the original color of links, so it is familiar. Personally, I just do not click on the blue link, because it is not always clear that the other colors are clear links, which can be colored, underlined text, though I know …

Tip 3 – You have an About page or widget

Again, this is another one of those things that I can turn off the blog before I read the message. I do not want to read 10 or 12 posts to get an idea what it is, like Blogger, blog or whatever.

Many blog readers also seek to establish relationships with like-minded individuals, people they can relate to or have something in common with. Make it easy for them to find you by creating a side that tell your readers that everything is important to you.

Tip # 4 – Use it wisely Categories

You want people to be able to find the stakes are, who’s looking for, with ease. So six classes are easy to understand and almost directional in nature. Keep this in mind the same thing, when you add tags, because if you do not make sense, no one to look for them, and then nobody to find your blog!

Tip # 5 – Do not forget the grammar!

I know it sucks, but you must think about your grammar to write blog posts. I’m not saying it has to be perfect because I’m also a big fan of writing for yourself, and his newspaper, without limits, but when it comes to publishing your blog and then have people read it, questions of grammar!

Check your spelling before pressing the Publish button, read the messages aloud – at least yet – to ensure that you have written makes sense. And the worst comes to worst absolute, edit, after he was released to make the changes you may notice.

It’s always the things I think not only when I start a blog, but when I’m publishing the positions and when I read through old posts. These five tips will get well on your way to publish quality content for many readers. Tell people about your blog, make it easy for them to go where they might want to go, and above all, do read!

What are your personal tips on blogs? What are some tips you have learned other blogging? Leave a comment here, or check Blogging Tips forum to share best blogging tips.

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We all know the stereotype: women hit the shops, and a bad husband, is pulled along for the ride. If their male counterparts across the pond in Great Britain is to be believed, the American men will spend even more impulse purchases than women.

So if men can also blow into cash, which is what you need? Let’s look at five of the main ways people like their hard earned money.


Many men love gadgets and are fascinated by new technologies. A recent study has proven what we suspected all along – men spend more in this area than women. Men spend an average $ 701 a year on the audio and visual, while women look for much lower $ 536. This is not surprising when you consider the price of a flat-screen TV.

Why do men use more in this area than women? Well, we can speculate that perhaps men are very competitive and want to be the latest gadgets before anyone else. When new gadgets are the best, they are expensive. Maybe women are, in fact they are financially experts, who understand that the price will soon fall after a few months.

For those looking to kick their habit expensive electronics, why not just wait a few months and buy the product at a reduced price? You might also consider looking on Ebay or Craigslist for good deals those who bought items at full price, and really had no use for them.


Men are actually using twice as many dollars on alcohol than women – $ 552 versus $ 233rd It looks like guys really love to break a beer. Whether you’re watching sports or just go to the bar, it’s a hobby more expensive. It does not help matters any that prices are up alcohol too.

For guys trying to save money in this area, it is a proven formula to get your friends to your place before heading to the bars. Of course, you can also try to drink less alcohol completely.


Although high prices, it seems that men are still buying fast cars and expensive. The men also buy less efficient models. LA Times recently reported that women car buyers are price conscious and buy fuel-efficient vehicles. Male buyers were completely opposite, and that the vehicles were purchased or big and muscular, like a large truck, or chose the expensive, high-performance vehicles.


What about putting a bet on your favorite sports team or a horse? The gaming industry gives men the risk, adrenaline, competition and the promise of big money.

The game has undergone a resurgence in popularity since the advent of online poker. New Laws of the Game that people can play for huge amounts of money or squander vast amounts of money from the comfort of their own home. They do not even have to head over to the casino.


Men who love this sport. There are many ways to spend your money on sports, including watching the matches live, buy tickets to sporting events and the purchase of goods and sports memorabilia.

Many men can get pretty fanatical when it comes to sports, so they lash out immediately passes and make sure you take all the playoff tickets. Fun of being in the field or stadium where the home team wins is so refreshing that it’s easy to forget just how expensive it is.

Men who feel the effects due to the expensive fertilizers could argue that being a big fan can not attend every game. Hang out at the local bar and root his team to the fans it should. Not only do you save the ticket, the beer is much cheaper.

The Bottom Line

The next time you hear people complain about their wives or partners spend all that money, we will remind them that they have their vices as well.

If you’re like me and promote affiliate products on your blog, you always try to find ways to get control of the Commission. Most people think the fastest way to increase revenue is to get more visitors and increase your visitor conversion rate. But while those two things are very important to your bottom line, they take time. There is a much easier way to increase your profits by almost 50% or more. And it depends on your relationship with your affiliate manager.

Let’s see how to join the affiliate program and set the stage for a higher income from your blog.

Handling rejection

To join the affiliate program, you must apply the advertiser’s website or affiliate market, such as Commission Junction. When you apply, you’ll quickly learn that most of the applications will be rejected immediately. Personally, I found a good 75% of my requests are rejected right off the bat. September advertising companies are doing this is to filter spam.

But there is no need to be discouraged by rejection. It ‘easy to get approved, simply send a short message to the manager of membership, and because you are a good fit. I would say that a follow-up e-mail has allowed me to be adopted in an affiliate program 9 times out of 10.

Follow-up e-mail is also a good opportunity to build relationships with the affiliate manager.

Building a relationship as soon as possible

Want to start correspondence with your affiliate manager as soon as possible. They are the key to financial success. So treat them with respect and consideration as a business partner. To find the coordinates of an affiliate manager simply look through the details of the program and you will usually find a contact in the list. When I enroll in a program to send e-mail a presentation explaining the plans of my site and ask if there are any marketing material that I could help promote their products. If a telephone number even go further and call to introduce myself.

Why is this relationship important? Because an affiliate manager can help by:

* Give content to help sell their products

* Promote your site on social media

* Provide expert feedback on the site allows you to increase your conversion rate.

* Increase your commission structure. Which brings me to …

Negotiate your commission

The fastest way to increase your income is not more blog readers and increase your conversion rate. It is to raise your commission rate!

And the easiest way to increase the commission is to ask! Politely and discreetly, of course. In fact, if you start on the right foot with your affiliate manager and you may not even ask. During the phone call from my introduction to the first branch manager, I immediately raised the payout to 20% and told me to check with him every few months. And believe me, I did. I waited until I showed modest growth in the number (not much mind you) and called back and asked for a bump yet. Lifted as soon as I get back, and another 30%, even without flash.

Most affiliate managers are paid based on the results, what your goals are very similar to yours. Usually have a wide range of payments that can offer publishers (eg 4-12/lead $). Reserve the highest payouts in this range for publishers who generate the most transactions. However, if you make a call and negotiate a bump of just $ 4 to $ 5 per head, which is an increase of 25% of the profits …. in a single phone call. How long it takes to drive traffic to 25% on your website or increase your conversion rate of 25%? It takes hard work believe me. If you normally $ 2000/month benefits, you are making $ 2500.

Limit the number of programs

Once you have a relationship with your affiliate manager you want to show some results. When you begin to increase in size, have more flexibility for you to pay higher commission rates. However, if you participate in several affiliate programs in place, the volume of each program will be less.

For example, say that promotes car and sent 50 to 50 operations operations Geico and Allstate in a given month. If you have promoted only Geico, may be able to send all 100 transactions. For approval of a higher commission rate is better with all their transactions in a single program. A larger volume can also help you get bonuses. And some affiliate programs offer bonus payments at least 10 transactions per month.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to be approved for several affiliate programs associates. You just do not promote them together. Companies often discontinue programs or change their terms, so it’s good to have a fallback in case the advertiser.